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QA1 Accelerates: Speedtech Performance Merger

Published January 10, 2024 at 9:07

Mergers and acquisitions often stir mixed emotions within industries, but the union of QA1 and Speedtech transcends the norm in this distinctive business landscape.

Both companies have consistently pushed boundaries, achieving remarkable milestones in performance and value across a diverse array of muscle car platforms.

The recent acquisition by QA1 of Speed Tech Performance USA, renowned for its high-performance chassis and suspension solutions in the pro-touring and restomod markets, marks a significant development.

Speedtech Performance, familiar to HOT ROD readers through numerous installation stories, specializes in chassis and subframes for popular muscle cars and trucks.

This acquisition extends QA1's product range, allowing enthusiasts to optimize handling and cornering for both track and street experiences.

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Melissa Scoles, President and CEO of QA1, expresses excitement about leveraging Speedtech's innovation, products, and brand to expand their full chassis solutions.

As a leading manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience, QA1 offers a comprehensive lineup of high-performance suspension components and accessories.

The co-founders of Speedtech Performance, Blake Foster and Roger Maniscalco, ensure continuity as the brand continues operating in St. George, Utah.

With Roger Maniscalco leading sales and marketing efforts, the collaboration promises an enhanced level of industry-leading performance and customer service in the future.

Credits: Motor Trend
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