Lamborghini's Hybrid '634': A New Era of Supercar Performance

Published May 20, 2024 at 12:21

Lamborghini is steering into the future with the introduction of its new "634" model, a successor to the revered Huracan. This next-generation supercar breaks from traditional expectations with an all-new twin-turbo V8 engine that boasts a staggering 10,000-rpm redline and 789 horsepower. Designed entirely in-house at Sant'Agata Bolognese, this clean-sheet engine is set to redefine high-performance standards in the supercar realm.


Unlike its predecessor's naturally-aspirated V10, which will soon retire due to stringent emissions standards, the "634" embraces the era of electrification without compromising the thrill Lamborghini is known for. This plug-in hybrid marvel pairs its robust V8 with three electric motors, propelling Lamborghini's venture into its High Performance Electrified Vehicle lineup. Although specifics on the electric motors' total output remain under wraps, the company has revealed that the rear motor alone contributes an impressive 221 pound-feet of torque and 148 horsepower.


The hybrid system is anchored by Lamborghini's new Revuelto platform, which integrates the V8 ICE with a dual-clutch eight-speed manumatic, enhancing both the agility and responsiveness of the car. Each of the front wheels is powered by its own electric motor, while a third motor situated between the gas engine and the transmission aids the rear wheels, promising unprecedented torque-vectoring capabilities and explosive launches.

Lamborghini's shift towards hybrid technology does not merely respond to environmental pressures but also taps into the substantial performance benefits of electrification. The inclusion of electric motors offers "torque filling" — a method to augment power delivery during gear changes and acceleration, ensuring that the new "634" can deliver both breathtaking speed and improved efficiency.

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While the "634" may soon challenge the flagship Revuelto's dominance, boasting nearly the same horsepower from a smaller engine capacity, it signals Lamborghini's commitment to innovation and sustainability. The company confidently claims that for the modern supercar, hybrid systems are not just an alternative but are superior to traditional internal combustion engines, especially when considering their ability to enhance the driving dynamics through advanced torque management.


As Lamborghini continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in automotive engineering, the "634" stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to leading the charge in high-performance, environmentally conscious driving solutions. This model is not merely a successor to the Huracan but a bold stride into a new era for supercars, combining raw power with cutting-edge technology to set new standards in the industry.

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Lamborghini's Hybrid '634': A New Era of Supercar Performance

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