How often do you take a little break from your day?

I do not00 %
Once a day00 %
Every hour00 %
Whenever I want1100 %

Which garage memes do you prefer?

Car Fail memes00 %
Car DIY memes00 %
Mechanic memes00 %
Sarcastic memes1100 %

Which Car Meme Cracks You Up the Most?

Stupid memes00 %
Hard Core memes116.7 %
Car fail memes233.3 %
mechanic memes350 %

Are you ready for the 2024 Formula 1 Grand Prix excitement?

I'm ready to rev up for race day in Montreal00 %
Counting down to soak up Montreal's F1 festivities00 %
Can't wait for the practice sessions00 %
All set to watch the race from home1100 %

How confident are you in changing a flat tire safely on the road?

Very confident2100 %
Somewhat confident00 %
Not confident00 %
Would NEVER do it00 %

What's Your Favorite Quick Fix for Car Scratches?

Toothpaste for surface-level damage00 %
Scratch removal compound1100 %
Professional auto maintenance00 %
Car wax for a seamless finish00 %

Is your car shaking or vibrating while driving?

Yes, I suspect engine issues.00 %
Yes, likely tire problems.150 %
Yes, could be the brake rotors.00 %
No, my car drives smoothly150 %

Are You Confident You Can Spot Odometer Rollback on a Used Car?

Yes, I know the critical tampering signs00 %
Somewhat, but I could use more guidance00 %
Not really, I usually rely on vehicle history repo1100 %
No, I always need expert assistance00 %

Should You Keep a Portable Jump Starter in Your Car?

Absolutely, you never know...250 %
Maybe, but I'll rely on jumper cables if needed.125 %
Only if I have frequent issues with my car battery125 %
No, I'll just call for roadside assistance.00 %

What's the Most Exciting Feature of the 2023 BMW M5?

Twin-turbo V8 engine with 600 horsepower00 %
Competition package's performance upgrades00 %
Luxury sedan features and tech amenities00 %
The balance between everyday comfort and track1100 %

How often do you deep-clean your car's interior?

Once a week150 %
Once a month150 %
A couple of times a year00 %
Rarely or never00 %

What's your favorite part of the Montreal Grand Prix festivities?

Racing events and speed1100 %
Crescent Street's festive atmosphere00 %
Peel Street's luxury celebration00 %
Montreal's nightlife vibes00 %

What reliable 2024 car are you considering for your next investment?

Toyota Highlander Hybrid150 %
Lexus ES150 %
BMW 4 Series00 %
Porsche 71800 %

What's Your Funniest Car Repair Fail?

Left the gas cap loose.1100 %
Installed the timing belt backward.00 %
Confused a lawnmower noise with the car.00 %
Went for an oil change and left with a big repair00 %

Do you think Ford BlueCruise requires stricter regulations after the recent safety probe?

Yes, automated driving systems need tighter contro2100 %
Maybe, but only after more investigations00 %
No, these incidents are unfortunate but00 %
I don't know00 %

Which wing variant do you think will dominate the 2025 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1's performance?

Larger rear wing for ultimate downforce150 %
Smaller wing for a more balanced ride00 %
Both options will have their unique strengths150 %
Neither wing makes a significant difference00 %

What do you think is the most important addition to the ultimate garage in 2024?

Advanced car lift266.7 %
High-quality tool set133.3 %
Smart technology integration00 %
Wall organization systems00 %

Which luxury EV feature excites you the most?

Crab Walk on the Hummer EV3X00 %
Yoke-style steering in the Lexus RZ 450e00 %
Lucid Air's 516-mile range00 %
Porsche Taycan's 2.4-second acceleration1100 %

How should Tesla handle the Cybertruck recall?

Provide immediate replacements and further inspect150 %
Offer extended warranties for affected vehicles00 %
Prioritize improving quality control and productio150 %
Increase customer service resources for better own00 %

Was Michael Schumacher One of The Best Formula One Drivers?

Yes1083.3 %
No216.7 %
January 14   |   4 answers   |   Read the story

Would you trust no driver behind the wheel?

Yes125 %
No375 %
January 13   |   22 answers   |   Read the story

Is justice being served?

Yes1150 %
No1150 %
January 13   |   14 answers   |   Read the story

Do you like EV or Gas?

Gas14100 %
EV00 %
January 13   |   6 answers   |   Read the story

Which Would You Choose?

TRX350 %
Raptor R350 %
January 12   |   10 answers   |   Read the story

Are you a fan of the electric Dodge Charger?

Yes550 %
No550 %
January 12   |   15 answers   |   Read the story

Do you like the C8 Corvette with the engine in the back or do you prefer the authentic Corvette styles with the engine in the front?

New Style533.3 %
Old Style320 %
I'd rather have a Ford426.7 %
Is Dodge an option?320 %

Are you a fan of the new look?

Yes337.5 %
No562.5 %
January 10   |   13 answers   |   Read the story

What car are you choosing?

Challenger430.8 %
Mustang538.5 %
Camaro430.8 %
January 9   |   9 answers   |   Read the story

Keep driving or get the boat?

Are you turning around?555.6 %
Keep on driving!!444.4 %
January 8   |   25 answers   |   Read the story

Would you buy a cyber truck?

Yes416 %
No624 %
I'd rather walk1560 %
January 8   |   3 answers   |   Read the story

Do you approve?

Yes266.7 %
No133.3 %
January 6   |   6 answers   |   Read the story

Would you restore a flooded car?

Yes233.3 %
No466.7 %
January 6   |   7 answers   |   Read the story

Ford or Chevy?

Ford571.4 %
Chevy228.6 %
January 6   |   8 answers   |   Read the story

Would you experience a ride in a dragster if you had the chance?

Yes337.5 %
No337.5 %
I'd have a heart attack225 %
January 6   |   7 answers   |   Read the story

Do you like old super cars or the new age super cars?

Old Cars571.4 %
New Cars228.6 %
December 23   |   1 answers   |   Read the story

Is your car part of this Honda recall?

Yes00 %
No00 %