Ford Mustang GTD Aims to Conquer Nürburgring with Vicious Sound and Speed

Published June 5, 2024 at 9:45

Ford Mustang GTD tests its limits at the Nürburgring

Ford is testing the 2025 Mustang GTD on the Nürburgring, aiming for a lap time under seven minutes.

Ford is ambitiously targeting a sub-seven-minute lap time at Germany's iconic Nürburgring racetrack with its 2025 Mustang GTD, a milestone achieved by only a few high-end exotics. The automaker is meticulously preparing for this attempt, slated for the fall, through an extensive testing program, with some of the action captured by Car Spy Media.


A recent video shows a black Mustang GTD prototype with manufacturer license plates tearing through the 12.9-mile track's various sectors. This footage highlights the car's impressive speed and the ferocious sound of its supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 engine, an enhanced version of the powerplant from the previous Mustang Shelby GT500, now pushing over 800 hp.


We are developing the Mustang GTD to be the ultimate track-focused Mustang while remaining street-legal,
Ford engineers stated, emphasizing the car's dual-purpose design. The GTD incorporates advanced suspension technology, including Multimatic's Adaptive Spool Valve (ASV) dampers, ensuring it can handle both track and road conditions.

Aerodynamic efficiency is another critical focus for the GTD, which boasts active aerodynamics and a Drag Reduction System similar to those used in Formula 1. Ford is offering the Mustang GTD for the 2025 and 2026 model years, with potential buyers undergoing a rigorous application process. Despite a hefty price tag of around $325,000, Ford has received over 7,500 applications for this limited-production vehicle.


Ford hasn't disclosed the exact number of build slots, but production will be limited,
company representatives confirmed. The GTD will be assembled by Multimatic in Canada, the same facility that produced the recent Ford GT supercar.

This strategic testing and development underscore Ford's commitment to making the Mustang GTD one of the most capable track cars ever, blending unparalleled performance with everyday usability.

Credit: Motor 1
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Ford Mustang GTD Aims to Conquer Nürburgring with Vicious Sound and Speed

Will the Ford Mustang GTD achieve a sub-seven-minute lap at the Nürburgring?

Absolutely, Ford's engineering is top-notch.00 %
It will be close but not under seven minutes.00 %
It depends on the track conditions on the day.00 %
No, the competition is too fierce.00 %
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