Ford recalls 2024 Mustang over fire risk from leaking clutch fluid

Published June 6, 2024 at 8:09 PM

Ford's new recall affects over 8,000 vehicles due to clutch fluid issues.

Ford has announced a recall for the 2024 Mustang due to a serious issue with the clutch pressure line that could result in leaking fluid and potential fire hazards. The recall affects a total of 8,161 manual-equipped models.


Clutch pressure line issue

Ford discovered that the clutch pressure line on some Mustangs might melt due to contact with hot exhaust components. This could lead to fluid leaks, posing a significant fire risk. The issue arose from a missing or improperly installed barrel nut that attaches the line to the firewall stud. If the fluid leaks and accumulates near a heat source under the hood, it could result in smoke or fire, increasing the risk of an accident.


Potential risks and initial discovery

The problem was first identified on April 30, 2024, when Ford reviewed reports of underhood fires in two manual-equipped 2024 Mustangs. Ford's Critical Concern Review Group investigated these incidents and found the cause to be the clutch pressure line melting due to heat exposure. While Ford is aware of two fire incidents and one smoke incident potentially related to this issue, there have been no reported injuries or accidents so far.


Ford's response

Ford will notify affected Mustang owners by mail starting June 17. Owners are advised to take their vehicles to local dealers for inspection and necessary repairs. Technicians will inspect the clutch pressure line and ensure it is correctly installed, replacing or repairing it as needed to prevent future risks.


Stay informed and safe

This recall highlights the importance of addressing potential vehicle defects promptly to ensure driver and passenger safety. Ford's proactive approach aims to prevent any further incidents related to this issue.
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Ford recalls 2024 Mustang over fire risk from leaking clutch fluid

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