Bosch's DUI Detection Device
Photo credit: SAE International

Bosch's Innovative Drive: Tackling Drunk Driving

Published January 14, 2024 at 6:58 PM

Bosch's DRIVE: In-Vehicle Drunk Driving Detection technology is making strides in combating impaired driving. Collaborating with the University of Berne, Center for Digital Health Interventions (CDHI) at ETH Zurich, and the University of St. Gallen, Bosch's IoT Lab is exploring innovative methods beyond eye-motion detection. Utilizing real-time vehicle sensor data on the Controller Area Network (CAN bus), they aim to address the delay in obtaining sufficient eye motion data, a potential flaw in the current system.

On a parallel front, Magna Senseair adopts a comprehensive approach. In the brief duration it takes for a driver to enter, buckle up, and start the vehicle, their system analyzes breath for CO2 and alcohol. A camera ensures the breath source is the driver, distinguishing from potential sober passengers. The system also considers background air levels for reference. If alcohol levels approach 0.08 g/dl, the driver is prompted to focus on the monitoring camera, which checks for nystagmus.

However, questions arise regarding implementation, with concerns about false positives leading to ignition lockouts and the safety implications of a car autonomously parking mid-drive due to suspected impairment. Potential solutions include visible warnings indicating detection and recording of potential impairment for post-accident analysis. Monitoring developments in this evolving field is crucial as these technologies aim to enhance road safety.

Credits: Motor Trend
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