Honda: major recall of 300,000 vehicles

Published December 23, 2023 at 2:47 PM

Honda announces the recall of approximately 300,000 vehicles in Canada due to a defect in the fuel pumps.

This recall was officially communicated by the company on Thursday, December 21.

According to Honda Canada's press release, this voluntary recall aims to replace fuel pumps whose impeller has been improperly cast, resulting in insufficient density.

This anomaly can cause deformation of the turbine, thus disrupting the operation of the fuel pump and rendering it inoperable.

The release also highlights the following risks: If the fuel pump fails, it may prevent the engine from starting or cause it to stall while underway, increasing the risk of accidents or injuries.

However, Honda assures that no incidents related to this problem have been reported so far.

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Here are the key details to remember:

Nearly 297,836 Honda and Acura vehicles from 2017 to 2020 are affected by this recall in Canada.

Replacement of defective fuel pumps will be carried out at no cost to owners.

There have been no reports of accidents or injuries associated with this defect.

Here is the list of models affected by this recall:


For more information, you can consult the full press release, right here:

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Honda: major recall of 300,000 vehicles

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