Worlds Fastest's Hearse!
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Madness! The World's Fastest Hearse!!

Published January 12, 2024 at 2:11 PM

I always yearned for a world record anyone could relate to. Tired of platform-specific achievements, I aimed for something universally understood – the world's fastest hearse. Back in 2008, the quarter mile record stood at 13.72 @ 98 mph. Determined to surpass it, I embarked on the quest for the perfect hearse.

Opting for a late-model Chevy Caprice or Buick Roadmaster for a sporty look, it took more than a year to find the ideal 1996 Chevy Caprice with a black exterior and red interior. This hearse, converted by Superior Coaches, became the canvas for my tribute to my favorite Metal Band, Iron Maiden – aptly named "Madness" after the Maiden song "Can I Play With Madness."

The transformation included an Impala SS grill, a 4" cowl induction hood, and a striking Iron Maiden mural. The goal was not just speed but maintaining its function as a street car and a fully operational hearse. With an LS-based Chevy V-8, turbo, and meticulous tuning, "Madness" exceeded expectations, breaking the world record with an 11.5 @ 117mph on its maiden track visit in 2012.

Collaborating with Garrett Turbos, we pushed further, achieving a remarkable 9.54 @ 147mph with room for improvement. This streetable hearse, with A/C and quiet mufflers, defied expectations, proving that careful planning, execution, and tuning could turn an unconventional project into a record-breaking reality. Intrigued? Dive deeper into the journey of "Madness" and its relentless pursuit of speed.

Credits: Arnesantics
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