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Snow Woes: Tesla's Cybertruck Hits a Roadblock

Published January 8, 2024 at 4:16 PM

The Tesla Cybertruck promised a revolution in automotive capabilities, boasting speed, durability, bulletproof features, and an unexpected boat-like quality. However, now that these trucks roam beyond their Texan roots, encountering unforeseen challenges, a new adversary has emerged: snow.

These futuristic vehicles, once a spectacle on Texan roads, are now navigating through snow-covered landscapes typical of the United States in January. Social media is flooded with videos suggesting that these Cybertrucks are struggling and possibly stranded in the wintry conditions, far from the initial hype surrounding their capabilities.

Even before the official release, videos hinted at the Cybertruck's difficulty with snow. One notable clip features a pre-release model battling a light dusting of snow while transporting a Christmas tree in California. The issue at hand doesn't seem to be the fault of the truck itself; rather, it points to the inadequacy of the stock tires in handling snowy roads. Tesla was seemingly aware of this flaw, as evident in the pre-release footage, yet chose not to address it for the initial batch of trucks.

The question arises: Was sacrificing tire capability for extended range worth it? Does the efficiency gained from minimal tread compensate for the truck's diminished functionality for a significant portion of the year? For someone accustomed to Northeastern winters, such compromises may not be a trade worth making.

Credits: Yahoo news
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Snow Woes: Tesla's Cybertruck Hits a Roadblock

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