4 Rotor RX-7
Photo credit: Garrett Motion

Turbo Dreams: FD RX-7's Six-Year Triumph

Published January 9, 2024 at 5:33 PM

In 2016, returning to the Super Street/MotorTrend world after a hiatus, anticipation surrounded the upcoming SEMA show. Amidst the automotive marvels, a standout was the FD RX-7, generating pre-show buzz. Despite skepticism and a mock-up appearance, the FD's legend grew over six years. Recently, the car roared back into Vegas, a testament to its transformation. Fitted with a colossal 106mm Garrett turbo on a billet four-rotor heart, it's a symphony of power, devouring over a gallon and a half in full-throttle runs. The AWD setup includes a Nissan Skyline GT-R transmission and a BMW E36 rear diff, offering versatility.

The car's aesthetic evolution, from matte grey to a meticulously wrapped, wide-fendered masterpiece, mirrors its owner's journey. Rob Dahm, an I.T. professional turned self-taught mechanic, showcases his hands-on learning, mastering welding, tuning, and machining. Beyond the blazing performance lies a saga of dedication, proving that building the first four-rotor, AWD RX-7 FD is no overnight feat, but a journey spanning six years of passion and perseverance.

Credits: Motor Trend

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