Dirt Bike Converted Over For Winter
Photo credit: TimberSled

Customizing for Cold: Snow Bike Guide

Published January 14, 2024 at 9:38

More and more moto enthusiasts are embracing winter riding, transforming dirt bikes into snow bikes.

At Innerspace Watersports in BC's Okanagan Valley, we've honed our snow bike builds. Discover our approach to the basic conversion and learn how to optimize dirt bikes for winter conditions.

Our snow bike build essentials include a dirt bike, a snow bike conversion kit (like Timbersled or YETI SnowMX), and a fit kit tailored to your bike model. Beyond the basics, we delve into performance enhancement:

1.Temperature Management: Use a thermostat, temperature gauge, engine jacket, and snow shield for optimal engine temperatures in sub-zero conditions.

2.Performance Upgrades: Upgrade with handlebar risers, heated bars, aftermarket seat, handguards, extended shifter tip, and snow bike-specific pegs for comfort and control.

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3.Accessories That Matter: Fuel can, booster pack, headlights, tunnel bag, subframe bag, wheel kit, and tie downs are crucial for a seamless snow biking experience.

4.Customization Options: Explore advanced modifications like big bores, forced induction, and nitrous kits for an even more personalized snow bike performance.

Embark on your snow biking journey with insights from Innerspace Watersports and unleash the full potential of your dirt bike in the winter wonderland. Dive into customization options and make your snow bike performance truly your own!

Credits: Timbersled
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