How to fix a scratch on your car
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Fix Minor Car Scratches with These Simple Toothpaste Tricks

Published May 6, 2024 at 12:29

If you need a quick fix for a scratch on your car and lack specialized tools or compounds, try these simple steps. Assess the Scratch, Clean the Area, Use Toothpaste, Apply Toothpaste, Wipe Off Excess, Buff with a Dry Cloth, and Seal with Wax are the seven essential steps that can make your car's finish look better in no time.

1. Assess the Scratch:

First, determine if the scratch only affects the clear coat or if it goes deeper. Deeper scratches require professional attention and tools, while surface-level scratches can often be treated with household materials.

2. Clean the Area:

Gently wash the scratched area with soap and water to remove dirt and debris that might further damage the finish. Dry the area completely with a clean cloth.

3. Use Toothpaste:

If a scratch-removal compound isn't handy, regular white toothpaste (non-gel) can serve as a temporary solution. Its mild abrasive properties help buff out surface-level imperfections.

4. Apply Toothpaste:

Apply a small amount of toothpaste to a soft cloth and gently rub it over the scratch in circular motions. Buffing lightly in this manner will help minimize the scratch's appearance.

5. Wipe Off Excess:

Remove excess toothpaste with a damp cloth, ensuring that the area is thoroughly clean.

6. Buff with a Dry Cloth:
Using a dry microfiber cloth, buff the area to restore the shine that might have dulled due to the scratch.

7. Seal with Wax (if available):

If you have car wax or polish, apply it to the treated area. This will add a protective layer and enhance the finish.

Though this process is not perfect and may not eliminate the scratch entirely, it can help minimize its appearance with minimal resources. Give these steps a try for an easy, temporary fix!

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Fix Minor Car Scratches with These Simple Toothpaste Tricks

What's Your Favorite Quick Fix for Car Scratches?

Toothpaste for surface-level damage00 %
Scratch removal compound1100 %
Professional auto maintenance00 %
Car wax for a seamless finish00 %
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