Serious Semi Crash in Tampa
Photo credit: WFLA

Highway Havoc: Semi Chaos in Tampa

Published January 8, 2024 at 8:43

In a bizarre incident on April 21, 2023, a Tampa driver, perhaps oblivious to the perils seen in Final Destination 2, recklessly cut off a semi-truck carrying massive concrete poles.

The abrupt maneuver forced the truck driver into emergency braking, causing two hefty poles to break free and crash through the truck's cab onto the highway. Luckily, no injuries were reported.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) in Tampa, the incident occurred on southbound Interstate 275. The second vehicle, parked on the shoulder, attempted to merge back onto the highway but cut off the semi-truck, triggering the chaos.

The semi-truck was transporting six metal/concrete poles, each weighing a staggering 5,467 lbs.

Miraculously, only two poles broke loose, averting more extensive damage. The driver, despite the poles tearing through the windshield, escaped unharmed.

Cleanup temporarily closed two I-275 lanes as cranes hoisted the poles back onto the trailer.

Astonishingly, no other vehicles suffered damage, simplifying the cleanup process.

The police report indicated approximately 85 feet of skid marks, underscoring the semi-truck's challenging effort to stop.

The fate of the other driver remains unknown, a mysterious character in this highway drama. Dive into the incredulous tale of concrete chaos on our website.

Credits: The Drive
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