John Cena swaps his 2021 Honda Civic Type R for the 2024 model

Published May 29, 2024 at 10:45 PM

Wrestling superstar trades in his daily driver

John Cena recently traded his 2021 Honda Civic Type R for a brand-new 2024 model. This switch highlights his fondness for the iconic hot hatch. Cena clocked 10,600 km on his 2021 Type R.

The trade at Wesley Chapel Honda

Cena's trade took place at Wesley Chapel Honda, where he brought his 2021 Civic Type R for a routine service. The dealership convinced him to upgrade to the latest 2024 Civic Type R in Championship White. The old Boost Blue CTR was quickly sold, likely to a Cena fan.


John Cena's love for the Type R

Despite Cena's advertising deal with Honda, his use of the Type R as a daily driver underscores his genuine appreciation for the car. Cena's enthusiasm for the Type R is apparent, given the significant mileage he put on his previous model.

The dealer's strategy pays off

Wesley Chapel Honda capitalized on Cena's visit, using the opportunity to showcase the new model. This tactic often leads customers to upgrade their vehicles during service visits. Cena's trade is a testament to the effectiveness of this strategy.

A seamless sale

Cena's old Type R didn't stay on the lot for long. The dealership initially listed it with a "Call for Price" notation, a common practice to generate interest. The car was quickly sold, likely at a premium, given its celebrity provenance.


Cena's influence on sales

Cena's trade-in and the subsequent sale of his old Type R highlight the impact of celebrity ownership on car sales. The Type R's appeal, combined with Cena's ownership, made it an easy sell for the dealership.

The new 2024 Civic Type R

The 2024 Civic Type R continues the tradition of the model with a more mature design. Although it has a smoother appearance compared to its predecessor, it still offers an exhilarating driving experience. Cena's switch to the new model underscores the Type R's ongoing appeal.


John Cena's switch to the 2024 Honda Civic Type R demonstrates his genuine enthusiasm for the car. The quick sale of his old model highlights the influence of celebrity ownership on car sales. Wesley Chapel Honda's effective strategy resulted in a successful trade and sale, showcasing the enduring appeal of the Civic Type R.

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John Cena swaps his 2021 Honda Civic Type R for the 2024 model

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