LOOK AT: Mitsubishi 2030 Vision: Diverse SUVs and Electric Pioneers

Published May 17, 2024 at 3:36 PM

Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) has recently unveiled an exciting glimpse into its future,
teasing a robust lineup of vehicles set to redefine its market presence. Among these are a pair of boxy SUVs, a rugged people mover poised to replace the current Delica, and a mix of hybrid and electric models, signaling a bold stride towards electrification and innovation.


"Mitsubishi teases new models, including a rugged people mover," the teaser reveals, showcasing a total of seven vehicles that promise to diversify Mitsubishi's offerings significantly. This announcement aligns with Mitsubishi's strategy to introduce a new or completely refreshed vehicle in the U.S. every year from fiscal year 2026 to 2030, including ventures into segments where it has not previously competed.



Diverse Portfolio to Boost Market Presence

The vehicles previewed include updates to familiar models like the Outlander, as well as entirely new entries such as a high-riding people mover—a modern successor to today's Delica, which has been a staple in various markets including Australia. This was hinted at with the intriguing D:X Concept last year.

Shaping a Future with Electric and Hybrid Models


Mitsubishi's future lineup is not just about expanding in numbers but also about embracing sustainability. The mix will include combustion-powered, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric models. One standout in the teaser is a vehicle resembling the Nissan Chill-Out concept, suggesting a potential new electric model that could replace today's Leaf.



The Path to Electrification and Global Strategy

The shift towards electric vehicles is part of a broader strategy under the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, emphasizing collaboration and shared innovation. Last year's tease of 16 models globally included nine electric or electrified models, indicating a decisive move towards cleaner and more efficient technologies.

"Mitsubishi teases new models, including a rugged people mover," notes the presence of two sleeker models in the teaser, one of which shares design cues with the Eclipse Cross but carries proportions akin to the new Xforce crossover targeted at emerging markets.

Enhanced Dealer Footprint and North American Production

With plans to nearly double its current four-model lineup in North America, Mitsubishi is also looking to expand its dealer footprint significantly. The upcoming models, some of which will be produced in North America using Alliance assets, suggest a strategic alignment with Nissan production facilities, offering efficiencies in manufacturing and potentially faster roll-outs to market.

As Mitsubishi continues to navigate its transformation, the focus is clear: innovate aggressively, embrace electrification, and cater to a diverse clientele looking for both performance and sustainability. This strategy not only anticipates future automotive trends but also prepares Mitsubishi to play a more dynamic role in the global auto industry.


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LOOK AT: Mitsubishi 2030 Vision: Diverse SUVs and Electric Pioneers

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