McLaren's Electric Supercar Vision: Pioneering the Future

Published June 7, 2024 at 8:16 PM

McLaren CEO outlines ambitious plans for an electric supercar

McLaren is gearing up for the future with a groundbreaking electric supercar, despite the current market's lukewarm reception to EVs. CEO Michael Leiters believes this bold move is essential for McLaren to stay ahead in the supercar arena.

McLaren is developing an electric powertrain alongside its gas-powered models, not to replace them, but to complement the existing lineup. CEO Michael Leiters stated, "As a company, we need to be prepared." He emphasized that McLaren's approach focuses on maintaining the lightweight ethos crucial to their brand.

Leiters admitted that the market for fully electric exotic sports cars is limited. Rimac's recent struggle to sell all 150 units of the Nevera underscores this challenge. Nevertheless, McLaren is confident in its ability to deliver a superior product. "We have started and are working intensively on a pure electric powertrain," Leiters told us last month. He believes McLaren's deep understanding of supercars positions them uniquely to succeed where others might not.


The key challenge for McLaren is to develop an EV supercar without compromising on weight. Leiters is determined not to follow the trend of adding massive power at the expense of agility. "Light weight is so much the core of McLaren that we can't compromise on that," he said. This philosophy means McLaren will focus on creating a balanced performance, considering both longitudinal and lateral dynamics.

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McLaren's current lineup continues to evolve with hybrid models, including the V-6 plug-in-hybrid Artura Spider and an upcoming V-8 plug-in powertrain. These developments run parallel to the electric supercar project, ensuring that McLaren remains versatile and responsive to market demands.

"Light weight is so much the core of McLaren that we can't compromise on that," reiterated Leiters. He also highlighted the technical challenges, particularly in achieving adequate range without resorting to heavier batteries. The goal is to match the weight of existing plug-in hybrids, like the 3300-pound Artura, making the EV as nimble and engaging as its gas-powered counterparts.

Leiters is confident that McLaren will rise to the occasion. "I am convinced that the first EV supercar will be a McLaren," he declared. This belief drives McLaren's efforts to innovate and set new standards in the supercar industry.Credit: carbuzz
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McLaren's Electric Supercar Vision: Pioneering the Future

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