Spotify Car Thing: Fans Furious as Device Gets Bricked

Published May 26, 2024 at 3:00 PM

Spotify Car Thing discontinued, fans react strongly.

Spotify's decision to discontinue its Car Thing device has left fans outraged and frustrated.

Spotify has officially announced that its Car Thing, a smart player designed for vehicles, is being discontinued. This unexpected move has not only shocked users but also sparked significant backlash, with many expressing their displeasure online.

Spotify's Car Thing was a game-changer for my daily commute. I can't believe they're shutting it down!
said one user on Twitter. The device, which allowed seamless integration of Spotify's streaming service into cars, had garnered a dedicated following since its launch.


One of the most vocal complaints from users is the suddenness of the discontinuation. Many feel blindsided by the decision, especially since there was no prior warning or indication that the product's life cycle was nearing its end. As one Reddit user put it,
This is a slap in the face to all the loyal customers who invested in the Car Thing. We deserved better communication.

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Another major point of contention is the bricking of the device. With the service termination, the Car Thing will become essentially useless, leading to further frustration among its user base.
It's not just about losing the device; it's about losing trust in Spotify's commitment to its products,
noted a long-time subscriber.

The financial aspect also plays a significant role in the outrage. Many users had invested in the Car Thing expecting long-term use, only to find their investment rendered void.
We spent good money on this, and now it's just a paperweight. Spotify needs to offer some compensation or a replacement solution,
argued an affected customer.

Despite the backlash, Spotify has remained firm in its decision. The company cited shifting priorities and the need to focus on other areas of innovation as reasons for the discontinuation. However, this explanation has done little to appease the aggrieved users who feel abandoned by the service they once trusted.

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Spotify Car Thing: Fans Furious as Device Gets Bricked

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