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Tesla's Model 3 Overhaul: Enhanced Range and Sleek Design

Published January 10, 2024 at 11:54 PM

Exciting news! Tesla has just revealed a significant makeover for its Model 3 electric sedan in Europe.

While the overall design remains familiar, around half of the car's components have been revamped, marking more than just a cosmetic upgrade.

Notable alterations are evident in the front of the Model 3, with sleeker headlights and a refined LED light signature.

The front bumper has been streamlined, omitting lower fog lights and enhancing the lower air intake. Combined with reshaped 18-inch Aero wheels, these changes contribute to making the Model 3 the most aerodynamic in Tesla's lineup, boasting a drag coefficient of just 0.219.

This aerodynamic enhancement alone translates to a 5-8% boost in range, according to the company.

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Beyond the exterior, Tesla made undisclosed adjustments to the electric vehicle's powertrain, resulting in impressive range improvements.

The European single-motor, Standard Range model now reaches 344 miles on the global WLTP standard, while the dual-motor Long Range model achieves 421 miles WLTP.

The Model 3's updated interior complements its improved aerodynamics. Notably, the reduction in wind noise is accompanied by enhanced cabin materials, offering a quieter ride.

The seats boast improved comfort and ventilation, and the dashboard features reshaped vents and customizable ambient lighting. The central touchscreen has narrower bezels, eliminating the steering column stalks in favor of on-screen controls and a redesigned steering wheel.


Further enhancing convenience, the center console now hosts dual wireless phone chargers, and backseat passengers benefit from an 8-inch display.

The trunk has expanded to 21 cubic feet, a 6% increase. The audio system has also been upgraded to include 17 drivers.

The revamped Model 3 is available for order on Tesla's European site, with deliveries set to commence in October.

While the Performance version is conspicuously absent from the configurator, potential surprises might be on the horizon. Keep an eye out for updates on the US site, including the revised EPA estimated range. Exciting times lie ahead for Tesla enthusiasts!

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Tesla's Model 3 Overhaul: Enhanced Range and Sleek Design

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