Watch: Hungry Bears in Lake Tahoe Cause Chaos by Opening Parked Cars

Published May 29, 2024 at 3:00 PM

Recent bear activity in Lake Tahoe serves as a stark reminder to lock your car doors.

Home security footage from Lake Tahoe has captured two bears demonstrating just how easily they can open car doors, wreaking havoc and causing concern among residents. The footage shows the bears interacting with a truck and an SUV parked in a driveway, emphasizing the need for heightened vigilance in bear-prone areas.

Caught on Camera: Bears Opening Car Doors with Ease

On the night of April 13, a home security camera in Lake Tahoe recorded two bears exploring a driveway where a blue Jeep Grand Cherokee and a white Ram 1500 were parked. The bears showed remarkable ease in opening the car doors, with one bear managing to open the back door of the truck, revealing the interior. This led to a brief wrestling match on the truck's quarter panel, likely leaving behind some claw marks and dents.

First Encounter with the Ram 1500
Bear one initially climbs into the bed of the Ram 1500, while bear two growls from inside the cab and sticks its head out, indicating a possible squabble over whatever was inside. After a short wrestling match, bear one exits to the left as bear two continues to rummage around in the truck bed, eventually jumping out a few minutes later.

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A Second Visit
The video then jumps ahead approximately 15 minutes, showing one of the bears climbing out of the Ram's cab again. This time, the truck's driver front door is open, suggesting that the bear had spent some time inside. Despite the intrusion, the bear appears unsatisfied with its findings and moves on to the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Moving on to the Jeep Grand Cherokee
The SUV's rear door had been left open the entire time, hinting that one bear had already ransacked the interior. The video shows the bear opening the front passenger door and hopping onto the passenger seat. The footage ends abruptly with the bear still inside the Jeep, leaving viewers to wonder about the potential damage and the outcome of this nocturnal adventure.

Not an Isolated Incident
This incident is not unique. Bears opening car doors have been reported before, and as long as people continue to leave their vehicles unlocked in bear territories, such events will likely persist. The consequences of these encounters can range from minor scuff marks to significant damage or even a bear trapped inside a locked car.

Reminder: Lock Your Doors
Residents and visitors in bear-prone areas like Lake Tahoe are urged to lock their car doors to prevent such incidents. Doing so not only protects personal property but also ensures the safety of the bears, who might otherwise get trapped or cause more significant damage in their quest for food.

Credit: Youtube
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Watch: Hungry Bears in Lake Tahoe Cause Chaos by Opening Parked Cars

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