Tesla Strapped With Explosives
Photo credit: Tbsnews

Tesla Owner's Dynamite Fury

Published January 6, 2024 at 3:08 PM

In a remote village in southern Finland, Tuomas Katainen made headlines when he decided to bid farewell to his 2013 Tesla Model S in a rather explosive manner.

Frustrated with persistent technical issues and facing a hefty 20,000 euros repair bill for a new battery, Katainen took matters into his own hands.

Loading the electric sedan with 30kg of dynamite, he staged a dramatic explosion in a snow-covered locale, capturing the event on camera.

Adding a quirky touch, a mannequin resembling Elon Musk adorned the driver's seat.

The video quickly gained traction on social media, amassing over 4.5 lakh views on YouTube. While Katainen's extreme reaction drew attention, it also highlighted the challenges faced by some Tesla owners worldwide.

The electric vehicle giant, led by Musk, has seen a surge in customer complaints ranging from technical glitches to exorbitant repair costs.


The incident adds to a series of recent controversies, including an investigation into a Tesla crash linked to its "Full Self-Driving" software, signaling a turbulent phase for the renowned EV manufacturer.

Credits: tbsnews
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