Rimac Nevera 2023
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From Hypercar to Robotaxi: Rimac's Next Big Move

Published January 4, 2024 at 10:39

In an electrifying collaboration, Rimac, the Croatian EV trailblazer known for the record-breaking Nevera supercar, is teaming up with Kia to launch a revolutionary robotaxi service.

Set to be unveiled in a few months, this venture marks Rimac's bold step beyond hypercars.

Rimac Automobili, founded in 2009, gained prominence for crafting the formidable Concept_One in 2016, followed by the metamorphosis into the astonishing Nevera Hypercar in 2018.

The Nevera, a speed demon that shattered 23 records in a day, recently lapped the Nurburgring in a jaw-dropping 7:05:298 – a remarkable 30 seconds faster than the Tesla Model S Plaid.

Now, Rimac's horizon expands with plans for a robotaxi service, supported by Kia. While the Nevera commands a hefty $2.15 million price tag, the robotaxi aims for accessibility, promising a unique mobility experience that transcends the conventional perception of luxury.

CEO Mate Rimac envisions this project as a game-changer for urban transportation, designed to operate autonomously within a comprehensive network.

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The service, part of the new Rimac Group brand called Project 3, anticipates unveiling the robotaxi next year, with operational commencement slated for 2026.

Talks with 20 European and Middle Eastern cities are underway, with plans to expand to Germany and the UK in subsequent years.

As Rimac explores the future of electric mobility, Kia, with its significant investment and commitment to purpose-built EVs, emerges as a pivotal partner. Kia's dedication to electric PBVs aligns seamlessly with Rimac's vision, promising a groundbreaking alliance in the world of futuristic transportation solutions.

For more on this electrifying collaboration and the future of electric mobility, delve into the full article here.

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