Mark Micke's Promod Camaro
Photo credit: Garrett Motion

Turbo Pro Mod Triumph: 5.359 ET Record Breaker

Published January 7, 2024 at 9:27

In the pursuit of speed and records, Mark Micke and his dedicated team achieved pure happiness as they reset the E.T. world record for a turbocharged Pro Mod in the quarter-mile. The journey started at the beginning of 2023 when Micke decided to go after the world record with his twin-turbo 1969 Camaro Pro Mod.


During testing at Bradenton Motorsports Park, former NHRA Pro Mod champion Jose Gonzalez drove Micke's Camaro to a staggering 5.359 at 272.94 mph, setting a new record for the quickest turbocharged Pro Mod. Micke expressed his satisfaction, highlighting the camaraderie among M&M Transmission, FuelTech, ProLine, Garrett Turbo Chargers, Garrett Advancing Motion, Turbosmart, and the entire group.

Micke praised Gonzalez as the best Pro Mod driver, emphasizing the natural choice to have him behind the wheel. The record-setting run brought immense joy to Micke and his team, creating a celebratory atmosphere without the burden of pressure.

Micke detailed the meticulous planning and collaboration with experts like Steve Petty and Brandon Stroud to optimize the car for the quarter-mile attempt. Specially made parachutes from Stroud Safety, designed for this record-breaking run, added a layer of security and worked flawlessly.


Despite the intense acceleration, Micke noted Gonzalez's calm control throughout the run, comparing it to a leisurely Sunday drive. Emotions ran high as Gonzalez and the group learned about their accomplishment, turning the record-setting moment into a joyous celebration reminiscent of a big party. The journey showcased not only speed but also the bonds forged within the team in their pursuit of excellence.

Credits: Drag Illustrated
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