Adrian Newey's Next Move: Shifting Gears After Red Bull?

Published May 20, 2024 at 1:41 PM

Adrian Newey, the revered Formula One design maestro, has sparked considerable speculation about his future in the sport.

After announcing his departure from Red Bull, where he has been a pivotal figure for nearly two decades, Newey has hinted at a possible new chapter with another team. His tenure at Red Bull will conclude at the start of 2025, marking the end of an era that saw the team dominate the circuits with cars largely credited to his innovative designs.

In a revealing conversation with his manager, Eddie Jordan, Newey shared that he is "seriously considering changing teams, going somewhere else and doing another four or five years or whatever." This statement comes despite his earlier remarks about feeling "a bit tired" and looking forward to a break. The possibility of joining Ferrari has been widely discussed, especially after a Ferrari representative reportedly met with Newey in London following the announcement of his impending exit from Red Bull.

The interest in Newey is not limited to Ferrari. Aston Martin has also reportedly made a substantial offer to secure the services of the design guru, who could potentially team up with Lewis Hamilton should he choose the Italian team. During an event in Miami, Newey expressed that he was "flattered" by Hamilton's endorsement, adding another layer of intrigue to the ongoing speculation about his next move.


Newey's career in Formula One is distinguished not only by his current success with Red Bull but also by his significant contributions to 13 drivers' world championships and a dozen constructors' titles over the years. His decision to leave Red Bull was not made lightly. "To walk away from Red Bull was a very hard decision but it was one I needed to take for a whole host of reasons. They had been my family," Newey stated during the interview with Jordan. He also noted his surprise at the widespread media attention his decision garnered, remarking, "I never really thought it would be big news so for it to be in all the flipping papers and on the telly was almost a bit of a shock."

The backdrop to Newey's departure includes recent turmoil within Red Bull, following accusations against team principal Christian Horner for "inappropriate behavior." Though Horner was exonerated by Red Bull's parent company GmbH, the incident has cast a shadow over the team's internal dynamics.


As the Formula One community watches closely, Newey's next steps could significantly impact the competitive landscape of the sport. Whether he opts for a sabbatical or jumps straight into another high-stakes project, his influence on Formula One's technological arms race is far from over. His potential collaboration with other teams and drivers like Lewis Hamilton could usher in new dynamics and strategies, reshaping future championships.


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Adrian Newey's Next Move: Shifting Gears After Red Bull?

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