Worlds Largest Matchbox Museum
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Matchbox Magic: A Miniature Car Wonderland

Published January 14, 2024 at 6:00 PM

Like many of you, my childhood was filled with the joy of playing with Matchbox and Hotwheels cars. Back then, I considered my collection a massive fleet, though it probably only numbered around 12 cars.

Fast forward to today, and my son has inherited this passion, amassing what feels like an actual boatload of these miniature wonders. The universal appeal of Matchbox cars transcends age, captivating both young enthusiasts and those who are young at heart. This universal love is what has made the Matchbox Road Museum a cherished institution in Newfield, New Jersey since its establishment in 1992.

Founded by Newfield native Everett Marshall III over three decades ago, the museum, initially housed in his garage, now accommodates a staggering 50,000 Matchbox cars. Marshall's collection extends beyond the diminutive vehicles, evolving into a comprehensive display of Matchbox's history. From quirky attempts to compete with Barbie using Christie Brinkley dolls to unexpected items like Rubik's Cubes and Skip-Its, the museum chronicles the diverse ventures of Matchbox.

As Marshall shared with Jersey's Best, the museum is a treasure trove showcasing Matchbox's expansive repertoire. For enthusiasts like us, the museum is a nostalgic journey intertwined with newfound discoveries. Visitors, spanning generations, can reminisce about their own collections while introducing younger audiences to the timeless allure of Matchbox cars.

For dedicated car enthusiasts, the museum offers a glimpse into Matchbox's coolest creations, from pre-production clay models to iconic movie cars, legendary supercars, and everything in between. Personally, I'm intrigued by the Nigel Mansel collection box set, featuring his F1 and IndyCars, along with the Kmart/Havoline trailer.

Considering that Newfield is just an hour away, a visit to Marshall's Matchbox museum seems like an enticing prospect for this car nerd.

Credits: The Drive
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