Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru collaborating on next-gen engines

Published May 29, 2024 at 4:20 PM

Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru team up for future powertrains

Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru have joined forces to develop new internal-combustion engines aimed at better efficiency and compatibility with alternative fuels.

Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru have announced a collaboration to create new internal-combustion engines. This partnership aims to achieve greater efficiency and performance while being compatible with alternative fuels. Each automaker will focus on their signature engine types: Toyota on two four-cylinder engines, Mazda on rotary systems, and Subaru on a hybrid boxer engine.

Toyota has confirmed it is working on two four-cylinder engines, one with 1.5 liters of displacement and the other with 2.0 liters. Mazda is developing rotary EV systems featuring one or two rotors, while Subaru is focused on its next-generation hybrid boxer engine.

Teamwork makes the dream work
With the shared goal of reducing CO2 emissions, these new engines will use carbon-neutral fuels like biofuels, liquid hydrogen, and synthetic fuels (eFuel). This initiative follows the recent "Multipathway Workshop," where the companies agreed to collaborate on future powertrains while maintaining their unique engine designs.

The trio also aims to improve vehicle packaging by creating more compact engines integrated with electric drive units and batteries. This will result in smaller engines that allow for lower hoods and improved aerodynamics, helping to improve fuel economy and comply with stricter emissions regulations.


Toyota, a leader in hybrid technology, will share its expertise with Mazda and Subaru, who currently do not offer new hybrid models in the U.S. This collaboration could significantly benefit all three companies, allowing them to stay competitive in an industry increasingly focused on electric vehicles.

Subaru has already started work on its next-gen boxer engine, previewed with a Crosstrek prototype, while Mazda's rotary EV systems are expected to bring unique innovations to the market. The results of this partnership are still to be determined, but it's clear that these automakers do not foresee the end of internal-combustion engines anytime soon.
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Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru collaborating on next-gen engines

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