Ares S1 Hypercar
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Sculpting Supercars: Ares Unveils the S1 Corvette

Published January 4, 2024 at 10:43

Ares of Modena, Italy, is rewriting the automotive narrative with its latest creation, the S1 coupe.

Born from the C8 Corvette Stingray, this limited edition marvel, part of a production run of just 24, undergoes a radical metamorphosis in Ares' gleaming factory.

The fusion of Italian craftsmanship and American muscle results in a pseudo-hypercar, bearing the striking nameplate S1.

Founded in 2014 by Dany Bahar, the former head of Lotus, Ares initially ventured into upscale modifications for elite clients.

From Bentley to Tesla, Ares left its indelible mark on various automotive icons. Now, with the S1, they're redefining the rebodied Corvette concept, tracing its roots back to Italy's history of transforming Corvettes.

The S1 project involves meticulous dissection of the C8 Corvette, shedding its original bodywork, and adding a new metal sub-structure with carbon-fiber panels. Butterfly-hinged doors, redesigned cabins, and a unique exhaust placement contribute to the S1's visual allure.

While the S1 commands a price tag slightly above a million euros, its exclusivity and bespoke customization options ensure it's not just a car but an automotive masterpiece.

Ares targets a niche clientele, those seeking uniqueness in a world where supercars are becoming commonplace.

Despite mechanical changes being subtle, with a modest power increase to 530 horsepower and a significant weight reduction, the S1 prioritizes showmanship over raw performance. Its driving experience, although not exceptional, aligns with Ares' vision – a car that complements an owner's collection rather than overshadowing it.

In an automotive landscape saturated with mass-produced limited runs, Ares S1 stands out as a genuine work of automotive artistry, destined for those who appreciate the rarity of true exclusivity.

For a closer look at the S1's transformation and its place in the elite realm of hypercars, explore the full article.

Credits: Car and Driver

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